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Machining and specialties

Wieland’s machined and specialty products are known for their high quality and are used in markets as varied as the automotive industry, connector technology, hydraulics, construction, electrical transport as well as watchmaking, eyewear, and luxury industries.

W5000 precision brass rods are available in tolerances of h8 up to and including a diameter of 30 and have a straightness higher than the standard i.e., 0.5 mm/m, which allows faster machining and greater compliance with tolerances.
Wieland also produces lead-free or low-lead brass in order to comply with the new regulations of the various markets.

Wieland France has three storage facilities: Scionzier in Haute Savoie (74), Croissy-Beaubourg in the Paris region (77), and Yzengremer in Picardy (80). Orders placed in the morning are delivered within 48 hours maximum for materials held in stock.
For any specific order, we can ask our factory to answer your request.

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